Once you click onto any product page the first box you will see is for canvas selection, just click on the canvas you would like and it will be loaded into the canvas designer.

You can switch back and forth between canvases and any changes that you have make to the design will remain.

Each design has the ability to be edited to fit your style and or need. To edit a design just click onto it and you will be able to rotate, scale, reposition and color the design.

You can also edit a design by clicking onto Manage Layers then selecting the design you want to edit.

There are 3 options for selecting a background. You can upload your own image, browse through Pixabay’s huge collection of images, or check out some of our original background designs.

Backgrounds can also be edited similarly to designs. Depending on the design size it may obstruct you from clicking directly onto the background to edit. If that is the case just manage layers and select the background from there and you will be able to edit.

Not ready to purchase or just want to save a design for later our canvas designer lets you easily save and load designs.

If you have an account your design will be saved forever or until you decide to delete it. If you do not have an account you can sign up but even if you do not your design will be saved until you clear your browser cache. Once your cache is cleared you would have to create the design again,