Fun Canvas Painting

MaskedCanvas are unique coloring canvases with a masked (“stenciled”) design applied to them. This Mask allows you to paint or do an acrylic pour onto the canvas as you feel then pull up the mask leaving your design with very clean and sharp lines every time No Bleeds.


MaskedCanvas Comes in 2 colors, Standard white canvas, and black acrylic canvas. Most designs are available in 3 layouts landscape, portrait or square, and 2 paint options. Paint design or Paint background.

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Paint design canvas.

With a paint design canvas the design portion of the canvas will be left open to receive paint with the surrounding areas masked to protect the canvas below.

Paint background canvas.

With a paint background canvas the design portion of the canvas will be masked to block paint and the surrounding areas will be open to receive paint.

Paint and brush set.

Get everything that you need to start painting right away. Add our paint and brush set with your canvas or canvases and receive 8 tubes of acrylic paint, 1 paint brush and 1 foam brush.